Does catheter choice matter? Three key features for better adherence

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, December 14, 2018

Intermittent catheterization is a therapy that comes with many barriers. Barriers sometimes prevent practicing intermittent catheterization accurately and as a result the positive outcomes are lost.

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Topics: Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC)

Science Alert: Intermittent catheterization – 4 myths and facts to resolve

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, December 12, 2018

Intermittent emptying of the bladder using a catheter (i.e. intermittent catheterization) is a first choice therapy for people with voiding dysfunctions. 


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Topics: Bowel dysfunction, Bladder dysfunction

Let's talk about bladder and bowel interactions!

Posted by Alexandra Pém, December 10, 2018

An open dialogue about coexisting symptoms is an essential for building a foundation for better clinical outcomes and increased quality of life.

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The case for an integrated approach to bladder and bowel dysfunction

Posted by Chris Bridgman, November 30, 2018

The benefits of patient centered care cannot be overestimated. A holistic approach reveals avenues for care that might otherwise be left neglected – opportunities missed to enhance the wellbeing of the patient. But what would a working model look like when it concerns patients with neurogenic bladder and bowel?

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Science Alert: Double burden - Combined bladder and bowel dysfunction

Posted by Kecke Elmroth, November 8, 2018

Combined bladder and bowel dysfunction can be a very debilitating condition with a strong impact on quality of life. Self-esteem, social activities and intimacy are all affected in a negative way.

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Topics: Bowel dysfunction, Bladder dysfunction, Bladder and bowel interaction