Science Alert: Men’s Health – Urethral Stricture Disease

February 28, 2017

Urethral stricture is a medical condition that mainly affects men. It can restrict urinary flow due to a narrowing of the urethra, and the causes can include trauma or inflammation.


There is a new clinical guideline from the American Urological Association that covers urethral strictures and how to treat them. The guideline provides specific treatment recommendations based on 250 scientific publications and opinions of clinical experts in the field.

Another new publication investigates how acute urinary retention caused by strictures is managed in an emergency department setting.

You will find a summary from these articles in this blog post! 

Male Urethral Stricture: American Urological Association Guideline.

Author and Origin

Wessells H, Angermeier KW, Elliott S, Gonzalez CM, Kodama R, Peterson AC, Reston J, Rourke K, Stoffel JT, Vanni AJ, Voelzke BB, Zhao L, Santucci RA. US


Review and guideline forming a clinical framework for diagnosis and treatment of male urethral stricture.


Specific treatment recommendations based on 250 publications and expert opinions. For example, urethral dilation or direct visual internal urethrotomy are recommended for treatment of short bulbar strictures, with a success rate of 35-70%.


Clinical guideline from the American Urological Association presenting specific treatment recommendations (such as urethral dilation) for male urethral strictures.


A Nationwide Assessment of the Emergency Department Management of Acute Urinary Retention Due to Urethral Stricture.

Author and Origin 

Granieri MA, Wang HS, Routh JC, Peterson AC. US


Observational study of emergency department management of 4,794 men with acute urinary retention due to urethral stricture.


A total of 85% received urethral dilation and 15% were managed with a suprapubic indwelling catheter.


Study showing that urethral dilation is primarily used for men with acute urinary retention due to stricture, but that there is an increasing trend toward suprapubic indwelling catheter use.

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