Life enhancing bladder and bowel interventions starts with the patient

December 15, 2020

Neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction has a significant impact on quality of life and well-being. To increase quality of life, treatments should be based on patient reported outcomes. Read more about this and other conclusions in a literature review by Patel et al.


Patient reported outcomes measures in neurogenic bladder and bowel: A systematic review of the current literature.

Patel D, Elliott S, Stoffel J, Brant W, Hotaling J, Myers J.
Neurourol Urodyn. 2016;35(1):8-14.

In this systematic review, quality of life in persons with neurologic conditions experiencing bladder or bowel dysfunction was investigated. Fifty-one studies were included encompassing data from more than 14,000 patients.

In several studies there was a poor correlation between objective clinical outcomes and patient reported outcome measures, and the authors suggest patient reported outcomes measures to be the primary outcome for interventions intended to improve quality of life.

We have made a summary (Publication Highlight) of this review. 

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Topics: Bladder and bowel interaction, Neurogenic bladder, Neurogenic bowel, quality of life