10% of the patients account for 50% of the cost

April 8, 2020

Infections and urethral trauma are not only painful side affects for catheter users, it is also costly. Preventive efforts directed to the right patients could make a big difference. But who exactly are the right patients?

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To find out more about discomfort and cost, Wellspect conducted a study investigating the health care costs among patients performing intermittent catheterization with hydrophilic urinary catheters.

A questionnaire was sent to 694 individuals performing daily intermittent catheterization in Europe and the USA. Questions related to the number of physician visits and hospital days, infections and complications such as strictures and bladder stones were included, as well as catheter type.

The results gave a clear guidance on where to start.

1/10 of the patients account for half the cost. The majority of these patients are suffering from UTIs leading to the conclusion that preventive efforts should be directed to this group. 

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Topics: Health Economy, Intermittent Catheterization